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Monday, March 17, 2014

The clothes make the man...?

i was reading Exodus today.  The garments of Aaron.  The beautiful robe of blue with its bells and embroidered pomegranates; the clean, white, embroidered linen tunic; the ephod of blue and purple and scarlet yarn.  It must have been gorgeous.  It is a symbol of Christ and it is a symbol of us.  We in and of ourselves are cursed.  We are sin.  From before we are born we are in sin, born in it to sinful parents from Adam on down.  For none are righteous, no not one.  All creation groans...

But as Aaron showed us, one who was righteous came.  And as Aaron had our names upon his shoulders, so Christ bore us.  There are only one set of footprints in the sand.  And as Aaron had our names upon his breastplate of judgment covering his heart, so Jesus had in his heart, the wellspring of his life, his mission, his purpose, his desire, was our judgment.  He knew we were cursed.  Cursed to die for our sins.  This he can not abide for he loves us!  We are the desire of his heart!  So like Aaron bore the symbol which read, "A holy object for YHWH" upon his forehead, Christ bore the guilt of all our unrighteous acts upon his own head.  Christ was judged for us and now we are clothed in his righteousness!  We have been given new garments to attend the wedding supper of the Lamb!  We who have been given the gift of faith to believe are the bride of Christ!  We are the queen?  What restored queen would then put back on the soiled dress of the adulteress?  What redeemed queen would put back on the rough tunic of the slave girl?  What beloved princess would put back on the orphan's rags? Not when Christ has laid out your outfit for you and bought at such a price!  This is his gift to you!

What robe will you wear today?

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