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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Clean up, Aisle... um... everywhere.

Blessed is the man who fear YHWH?  i think that's supposed to be fears.  Oh well, you get me unedited.  No make-up.  No airbrushing.  No filters.  No autotune.

Heck, i don't even really have much time each morning to think about this real hard and maybe that's a good thing.  Hopefully the Spirit is speaking.  Not i.  Cuz i got nothing.  Nothing you need anyway.

Always, i am hoping my sons will carry on in the faith.  That they will pursue God and fall in love with him and learn about his greatness.  i can teach and model that all i want but it is not up to me.  God alone can decide whether or not they will respond, God has given them a choice, He will have mercy on whom He will have mercy.  That sounds like a contradiction but it's not.  God is sovereign and we have a choice.  Deal with it.  This lifts a bit of the burden off of me.  i still long to see them read the Word on their own, to hear them pray on their own, to have them surpass me in their hunger for the Gospel.  i still sow what little seed has been given me to sow, i just can't do anything about the dirt.  It's frustrating and liberating and a place for me to learn to trust the power and mercy of God.  i lament the years i spent passing on my notions of rule keeping and an angry God.  i repent and i wait for God to restore the years the locusts ate.  In my marriage and in my home, i trust He is big enough to even fix my mess.  He keeps the entire universe spinning on time, figured out every ecosystem that ever was, designed bodies of all types, shapes and sizes, wrote all of history from beginning to end, converts our greatest sin: the Murder of God, into our salvation... yeah, i think He can handle my broken pickle jar.

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