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Sunday, June 27, 2010

i'll have what the gentleman on the floor is having.

i just read a couple of my posts from 2006. And you know what i realized? i haven't grown an inch. i am still complaining of the very same things that i was whining of then. And i'm willing to bet that if i could find some of the posts i wrote back when posts were sent to people instead of tacked up willy nilly on the easternet for any poor fly to get sucked into i would see that i have been runnin' this rut long enough for this to be considered a permanent condition.

And that's why i've decided to become a raging alcoholic. Y'see, i figure a downward spiral will at least be something different.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

preachin' to meself

Wrote this for a friend a while back. Found it today, kinda like my rock. Wonder if isn't what i need to hear right now.

Arise Ponderus!

Shake the dust from thy cloak.

Now is not time for sleeping.

Though the Sun set before the hours granted our grandfathers

And may not yet rise again

Till our children’s children be in their twilight.

Though the night may last our whole lives,

Let us keep to our watch

And never let it be said

That we were found shirking.

What news, brother?

What shivers thy shoulders,

And folds them towards the campfire?

Be it not tears moistening our eyes but dew preceding the dawn.

Let us not wail in the darkness

Like those who live without hope.

Though the night may last our whole lives,

Let us sing on our watch

And frighten the devils

That at our hems be lurking.

Look up, Ponderus!

Night spreads lies of isolation,

Yet can we see the stars.

We have not the eyes of the owl nor the ears of the bat

But let us share our lanterns

And hear again the truth of the Light.

Though the night may last our whole lives,

Let us shine on our watch

And be moons of our Son

From which all heat and light are drawn.

Well met, brother!

There are many camps

And a fire in the center of each.

Though the footsteps between them be many and the shadows deep

There is but one mission for us all

And only one East that we face.

Though the night may last our whole lives,

Pray we be the last watch

And until we bask in the Son,

Good night and God speed the dawn.