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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Anybody home?

(Wah...wha....waahHHCHOOOOO!!  snif.)  Wow, haven't been here in a while.  The Coop is dusty!  It's good to sit and talk with you again though.  Today i bring ya a conundrum.  It's a doozie.  Might take a bit words to work out.  Clear off that table and we'll spread it out and see what we can make of it.

Man hates his life.
Earnestly desires a significant life.
Only a life fully submitted to God brings life.
But if man submits to God only to get what man wants from God he has not truly submitted.  He has only tried to follow a formula to get what he wants.
So how does a man love God for God alone?
How does he learn to do this while still getting up every day and living a life he hates?