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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

i love Jesus

i like this picture.

Yeah, i know his hands are all puffy looking and the posing is awkward but all the same, it turned out nice.  i really like what it's about, how the pose expresses the beauty and gentle love of Christ.

But you know.  You cannot know the love of Christ without knowing his wrath either.  His hatred of sin.  His jealous protection of his own glory and honor.  Verses like yesterday's are beautiful too.  Ya know why?

Because who wants a husband who doesn't care if his wife is mistreated or commits adultery?  Who wants a dad that doesn't care if his kids are bullied or go astray?  Perfect love loves perfectly.  The fury of his wrath is evidence of the strength of his love.  As Steve Brown says, "you think about that."

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