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Friday, March 14, 2014

Manna in the mornin'.

i thought about drawing a cute little harp and a lyre (whatever that is) for this one and then i thought, no.  That's not at all what David is saying here.  It totally misses the point.  David was a warrior!  David was a king!  David was a worship leader!  David was a rocker!  David was a roller!  David was an out-of-controller!  David isn't talking about cute chamber music that you notice is being played live half way through the reception, "oh, that's nice."

No.  "I will awake the dawn," he says!  David is opening up the garage at six thirty A.M. on a tuesday, plugging in Doc Brown's amp, cranking all the knobs to 11 and bringing the pick of destiny down on the lyre of ecstasy!  This is Joe Bonamassa stuff!  This is Roderigo y Gabriella stuff!  This is Eddie freakin' no teeth Van Halen stuff!  This isn't breathless whisper, softly sung in G so all the congregation can keep up stuff, this is slammin the Hammond B3, gospel clappin southern fried black choir in full throat keep up if you can whitey and for the love of all that's holy clap on 2 and 4 or don't clap at all stuff!  David has seen that God has not favored their armies anymore.  God no longer goes out before them.  David isn't trying to wake up God.  He's trying to wake up the people!  Awake!  Arise!  Look around!  See what we have become!  See how far we've fallen!  Now turn around!  See God!  See YHWH!  The Just, the Loving, the Faithful, the Strong and mighty and powerful waiting to receive us back again!  YHWH the I-loved-you-so-much-I-sent-my-everlovin'-only-son-to-die-in-your-freakin-place-and-then-raised-him-from-the-pit-of-death-and-hell-for-you!  No half hearted verse of pick your favorite blow dried feather cut shiny, happy worship chorus is gonna do!  He gave his best!  What you got?

Are you ready to rock?

i didn't hear you.  i said, are you ready to ROCK?

weak.  Pitifoo, just pitifoo.


MMMMmmmmm, that's some good daily bread!

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