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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

No, seriously, what the flock??

Sometimes when i'm drawing, especially something i don't draw all the time and have a good grasp on, like oh, say a lamb, i get locked into drawing it in a realistic manner.  Which is not what i'm usually trying to draw.  i much prefer cartoony drawings.  And sometimes i realize i'm doing it part way through the drawing and i attempt to change direction mid-stream.

Once, when Balisticat and were canoeing up the Susquehanna, we lost a paddle and i tried to turn us around in the middle of the rapids to go get it.

Yes, we were going UP stream.

Yes, i tried to turn around a canoe.  You know, one of those boats that's pointy at both ends so it can go either direction equally well.

Yes.  Rapids.

Yes.  It went about that well.  We stopped short of tipping the durn thing over and spilling our camping gear into the river but just barely.

All that's to answer the question, "What the flock is with this deformed looking lamb??"

For the answer to the questions in the Psalm however, i suggest you find a Bible.

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