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Monday, March 24, 2014

Awwww, who the flock are you?


We are often obsessed with it, even when we don't know we are.  Who am i?  What am i?  Am i what i do?  What am i here for?  What do others think of me?

Over and over in the Bible, God names someone something and THEN he makes them fit the name.  Abram he names Father of Nations before he ever has a child, while he's married to a barren woman whom God names Princess.  He calls a disgraced, fugitive hiding out in the desert tending sheep, the Deliverer of His People.  Gideon he calls Mighty Man of Valor while he's hiding from everyone in a winepress threshing grain.  He calls a forgotten shepherd boy King, then that shepherd boy has to run from the king.  He calls an unmarried virgin peasant girl, the mother of Messiah.

You are not your job.  You are not your family.  You are not what people say you are.  You are not your financial status.  You are not what you have been trying so hard to be or not to be.

If you have heard His voice and turned toward it, if you have seen Jesus and know him as savior, then you are Beloved.  Son of God.  Blameless.  Holy and Set Apart.  You are His.  You are a Prophet, Priest and King of the One True Living God, the One Who Is, Was and Is Coming Again.

Now, go act like it.  Don't be afraid, the Lord has gone ahead of you, He cannot fail.

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