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Monday, May 19, 2014

Mountain fortresses still fall.

"I promised him i would never let anything happen to him!"  Marlin cried.

"Hunh," Dori remarked, "that's a funny thing to promise."

"Whuh?  What are you talking about?"

"Well, if you never let anything happen to him, then.. Nothing would ever happen to him.  Not much fun for little Harpo." (Finding Nemo)

i read a verse like this one and i think, or would like to think that i will be protected from all harm forever.  God is surrounding me, nothing bad and no one can get in to hurt me.  Nothing can happen to me.  Then i live for more than five minutes and realize this isn't what it means.  Or it is what it means, i just have a very narrow definition of "harm."  What it means i think, is something more along the lines of this:

If God's got you in his arms, everything that happens to you is something he allowed.  And he's good and he loves you and he's more than able to keep bad things from happening so...  follow the logic brick road....

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