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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Look what i found!

So the Word is Truth, and Law we can't keep and Sacrifice and blood and just wow.  So...what's there to rejoice about?  What is the treasure in the field waiting to be found?


All the law pointed to God's holy standard, minimal requirements for admission.  Perfect as your father in heaven is perfect, in motivation and thought as well as action and speech.  You up to that?  Me neither.

All the Sacrifices were to show that there had to be a stand in.  The priests show there had to be a mediator, someone between us and God.  The people dropping dead upon touching the Ark?  One last object lesson, God is God, you are not.  The unholy and the holy do not mix.  Ever.

Then God became the stand in.  Grace is God taking all the blame, all the punishment, all the requirements and fulfilling them all!  The Law is fulfilled!  Jesus did it!  The punishment is given!  Jesus took it!  He was able to do both!  The Resurrection proves it!  He is now standing forever as our mediator with God!

So this is my apology, the job of a preacher prophet poet is to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.  i'm kinda better at the one job than the other.  For years, i understood Law but not Grace.  i'm  not saying my knowledge is perfected or anything but it's a heap lots better than it was!  And when i write a post-it that asks what are we warm for?  Where is our passion?  i'm trying to wake us up.  But i tend to punch us in the gut when maybe, sometimes, what's really called for is a return to,

"Would you look at this!  Holy --!  Good freakin' --!  This is too amazing to be true!  Yet it's true!

We need both for one cannot appreciate the sacrifice that paid their debt until one knows how deep in debt and poverty they were.  When we know how hopeless we are, then finding that treasure ... well, that's just ...

well, don't take my poor words for it, read, seek, taste and see!

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  1. You are a trip my the BEST POSSIBLE WAY! Thank you..sniffle sniffle for not giving up or in! "EVERYONE! EVERYONE! LOOK AT WHAT WE'VE FOUND!!!" no don't look at us...LOOK!