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Saturday, May 31, 2014

All those who have ears, let them hear...

Listen!  Look!  When has anything like this ever happened?  When has a man's god ever spoke to him?  When has a man's idol ever chose him?  When has a man's god ever told him the future?  When has a man's god ever become a child of the man, died for the man and raised him up from the dead to live with God forever?  What other god is like Yahweh?  What other gods are there?  None!  Only Yahweh sent his son, his only son, the son whom he loves, to die for the worthless worms who hate him.  To die for the dead so they may have life!  Only Yahweh is worthy to be praised!  There are no other paths but the Way.  There are no other gods but the Truth!  There is no other escape from death than by the one who holds the keys to death and hades: the Life!

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