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Monday, May 12, 2014

Behold, I make all things new.

i usually hear this used in the literal sense.  Pray for the city of Jerusalem.  Pray for Israel.  God's chosen people.  And i'm certainly not wise enough to say it doesn't mean that too.

But Jesus is the new Jerusalem.  Jesus is our rock and city of refuge.  The answer is always Jesus.  Earthly cities are so shortsighted.  Earthly peace isn't peace at all, only a shadow and copy of heavenly peace.  Praying for earthly peace in earthly cities is like asking only some raw cocoa dust because you cannot imagine rich, dark, abundant chocolate.  It's asking for nickel when God wants to lavish upon you a fortune.  It's praying for a chance to lean against the wall and stop running for five minutes to catch your breath when God is offering a hammock by the sea with cocktails and live music.  Abraham was waiting for a city he hadn't seen.  Joshua was only a foreshadowing.  Israel has only ever been a sign post to the real thing.  Jesus was the real thing.  Jesus is the real thing.  Jesus will be the real thing.  Revelations tells us that a new Jerusalem, a new city, a perfect city where God dwells is coming. And we, the chosen of God, his adopted sons and daughters, his elect, shall dwell there in perfect peace.  No more will anyone make us afraid.  No more will we weep for the way the world is.  He himself will wipe away our tears.  He will provide for us.  He will be our all in all.  He went to prepare this place for us.  This is the peace i want.  Not the absence of war.  Not some totalitarian authority pressing us into little PC boxes so we don't risk offending anyone.  But true peace.  No more enmity with God.  No more arrogance.  No more oppression.  No more biting or kicking or quarreling.  Everyone putting the other's needs ahead of their own.  No more lack.  No more hoarding.  No more fear.  Perfect love drives out fear and Jesus loved perfectly.  Jesus loves perfectly and we shall look on his face and see it shine upon us and hear him say, "Come, enjoy the rest prepared for you since before the foundation of the world."  Amen.  Come Lord Jesus, Come!

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