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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Veritas. Quid est Veritas?

i don't care what you think you know or how educated you are, if you are not grounded in the truth, all yer larnin' and shmarts will avail you naught.  Bad data or a wrong conclusion will send the most gifted scientist following imaginary rabbit trails.  Remember when all dinosaurs used to be cold blooded or the world was flat or we descended from monkeys (stay tuned, they'll figure it out)?  Bad data or a wrong conclusion will create evil outcomes.  Remember when certain races were inherently inferior or worse, not even human?  Bad data or wrong conclusions will ruin you.  Anyone remember the Great Depression?  The Dustbowl?  No?  How 'bout then the last recession?  The schemes and ruthlessness of traders who conclude the bottom line is the bottom line?  People buying houses at the very limits of or beyond their credit?

"What is truth?" Pilate asked Jesus, not realizing that had he pursued truth rather than political solutions to human problems, rather than ambition and power, rather than suborning the truth to his own short sighted necessities, he would have recognized the Truth when it was standing right before him.

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