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Thursday, April 10, 2014

For better or worse?

Till Death Do Us Part.

These words are not a life sentence.  They are not a ball and chain, a burden to be carried until you're finally done praying for the end of time.

And unlike the way we wacko christians (we're all wacko, don't you know) are portrayed in tv crime dramas, these words are not a loophole to get us out of our commitment.

They are not a contract.  A business arrangement to be legally binding and annulled should they prove unprofitable.

They are a Promise!

They are a promise from the great God who loves us, knows what's best for us and how to give good gifts.  A promise that symbolizes His love, unchanging and eternal!  A promise that symbolizes His love, full of mercy and grace for the unworthy, and we are all unworthy of love! (That we actually are.)

You tell me your sad story of mistakes, misery, misunderstanding, shame and woe?  You tell me of his sins against you? You tell me of her unfaithfulness?  You tell me i don't know?

You're right.  i don't know your story, your specifics, how it fits into the larger story Jesus is telling.  You know, the one where he takes the greatest sin that was ever committed, His adulterous Bride seeing the promise as a contract, sentence and loophole, and torturing him, shaming him and killing him and He, turning that very sin into the vehicle of her very saving and cleansing!  That story?  Yeah, that's the one i know.  If God can do that, if God is really good, if God is really in control of all things...

Then yeah, he can handle your marriage.  It is a gift.

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