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Monday, January 27, 2014

Whatchu facing, sparrow?

There is nothing you are facing today,
that escapes the notice and interest of your Father in heaven.  He is not sitting idly by.  As when Stephen looked to heaven and saw Jesus standing, he is active.  Because you may not trace his hand only shows a lack of perception on your part, not a lack of love on his.
It is not too small.
It is not too big.
It has not gone on for too long.
It is not impossible.
They are not impossible.
Yes, you are not worthy but that didn't stop Jesus before and it won't stop him now.
No, you cannot make yourself worthy.
Stop trying.
Stop that!
Be grateful for he has already orchestrated the end from the beginning.
Call the saints to pray and fast, only pride stops you from doing that.  And your pride does not come from God.
Release control.
Release the illusion of control.
You cannot dictate the ending.  That's God's work.
Trust him.  He is good.  Much better than you think.
The answer is never, "No."  It is, "I have something better in mind."

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  1. Anonymous27/1/14

    Talk about inflation!!!