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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Use words.

i think Peter and Paul would have had a problem with the saying attributed to Frances of Assissi, "Preach always and sometimes use words."  Both of them in Acts are described as "and using many other words...".  They seemed to think this Jesus guy was pretty important.  Paul would hold all day exhortation parties.  Anyone could come at anytime and he would tell them why Jesus was the hope of all nations.  Why he was our only hope.  Why he was the fulfillment of the law and the prophets.  Why he was the most important person and the most important thing that ever happened and until he came again was going to be the most important person and the most important thing that ever happened.

The fact is, everyone is always preaching.  Always.  We are always broadcasting our belief system through everything we do and say.  All our fears point to our beliefs.  The things we value.  The things we become offended over.  The work we do.  The people we choose to hang with.  They all say what we believe.  They all tell the world who's in charge.  Who we answer to.  Those who speak the name of Jesus into every situation are often accused of being "preachy" and hypocrites.  The popular definition of hypocrisy, according to this article i read yesterday, is to act in a way out of character with your feelings.  So if you're grumpy, you have to stay and say and be grumpy to be authentic.  At least until you magically feel something else.  Which as you and i both know, doesn't happen until either the circumstances change or you DECIDE to ungrump.  At which time, you are now a "hypocrite".  Cuz you still feel grumpy but you're choosing to not BE grumpy.  Which is the point of the article.  A true hypocrite is someone who acts out of character with their BELIEFS!  If i am grumpy but believe and know i have no right to be, then it would be hypocritical of me to continue in my grumpiness despite my feelings.  If i believe there is a hope of a savior and a better life to come and yet act as if this life is all there is, even though it often feels as if this life is all there is, i am a hypocrite.  If i believe the God of the Universe loves me so much he died in my place to make me his perfect son and heir to the kingdom of God and yet act like an unloved orphan because things aren't going so well right now, i am a hypocrite.  If i know the world is dying and going to hell upon its chosen path and i know the way of salvation and say nothing, i am the chief of sinners!  If i know there is a king in charge of everything and yet remain silent...

Well, all authority in earth and heaven were given to one guy.  The very same guy who made them.  Seems to me, we probably ought to pay that guy a little lip service... but what do i know?

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