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Thursday, January 23, 2014


They call me,

But getting back to the Scripture... why indeed?  i am often tempted when things are going poorly, when i'm feeling persecuted or put upon, to think that either God doesn't love me, God doesn't care or God hates me.  i have no problem believing God's in control so if bad things are happening, God must be making bad things for me.

Usual suspects: sin, poor vision, mis-representation of God.  Satan's oldest lies.  God doesn't love you.  God doesn't know what's best for you.  You did this to yourself.  God can't love you now.  You gotta get cleaned up first.

Truth is, Dad's waiting for us to come home.  He's watching.  If we stop feeding the pigs and turn around we'll see He's right there with a hug, a ring, a robe and a feast.

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