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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Que es veritas?

i hear many people say,
again, i hear christians say,
They do not indoctrinate their children.  They believe it is better for children to find truth on their own without having it shoved down their throats.  This is an obvious extension of people's distaste for proselytizing.

Okay.  Ignoring for now the question of how good must you believe Jesus to be, if you don't even want to tell your children of him?  Of treating him like an ex-spouse we're somewhat embarrassed by...

Children learn what is true from their parents and elders.  They only test that truth when they become teenagers.  When you try very hard to teach no truth to them, what you teach them instead is, they are the final arbiters of truth.  You are teaching them the same thing Satan taught Eve.  You are the best god for you.  And is that someone who's curriculum we really want to follow?

When the Truth comes, what will He do with all these arrogant opinions masquerading as truth?  Sitting on his rightful throne?  Messing up his kingdom?

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