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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Lament of Everything (apologies for the profanities)

Spiders in my head
Cobwebs catch on everything
Cling to everything
Griming everything

Run to the North!
Animals bore into the North
Claws that tear, tear at everything
teeth gnaw on everything
shit on everything

Run to the South!
Teeth rattle loose in the skull
Wind bleeds through everything
Water soaks into everything
molding, rotting everything

Run to the East!
Rot, ruin, claws and teeth
Everything in the East
Bitter tears in the East
Let the weeds have the East

Run to the West!
Out the door and into the West
Run far from everything
hide from everything
leave everything

People bore into my head
People cling to everything
tear into everything
shit on everything

Run to the West!
To where the sun sets
Let night fall on everything
hide everything
shit on everything

My God!
My God what have you done?
You took everything
You bore everything
Bitter tears for everything

Your tears fall like rain
Like a flood on everything
wash away everything
fall on everything

O Heart!
Heart full of filth
Give up, give up everything
wash away everything
Let go of everything

Run to the Cross!
Cling to the cross, O heart
It paid for everything
renewed everything
makes sense of everything

Everything is new
Everything is clean
In the heart
heart of my God 

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