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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Open a window

It occurs to me that the Coop has been a rather disturbingly dank and depressing place of late.  There are two possible explanations for this...

one: that the world is a disturbingly dank and depressing place

two: i tend to write when i'm in a bad mood

i lean towards two.  The sun is rising over the Coop's surrounding woods and the ragged remnants of T-storm Hannah have moved on to worry someone else's weather forecasters and few others.  The light is tinted warm.  The air is cool and clean.  The Cricket Philharmonic is performing an operetta with the Avian Dawn Choir.  Even the Tabasco Cat is at peace.  There is much to be appreciative of on a quiet Sunday morning.  i just put down a marvelously dull and amateurish novel that gives me great hope of someday being published or at least the renewed belief that there is a need for better reading material.  Though it does raise concerns for a culture and society that would publish such drivel.  My family is healthy, mostly happy and sleeping soundly.  The coffee's good.  The bills are paid and the Iggles play at one.

So what's to complain about?


1 comment:

  1. Yesterday I was so depressed and couldn't understand why the people I love most in the world didn't seem to care or even want to know why I've choosen the path for my live that I have. Then today, Sunday the 7th, I left the depression behind and drove down into central KY to visit a friend on her farm. My spirit was renewed and life itself is so much better for me now. I fed a new born calf from a bottle for the first time in my life. I rode on an ATV across fields, through woods and over creeks. I sat and talked to my first true friend since Pete died and came away knowing that I have made the right decision for my life. No matter what the cost.

    Shane, you have such a great creative mind and writing ability. Don't waste it Son. Set as a goal the publication of your first novel and don't give up until it's a #1 best seller. I know you can do it and have faith that it will happen. I love you Son.