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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Yes, the drawing stinks but you get the idea.

Christ means anointed.  Like Aaron with the oil, Jesus was anointed as our high priest but not with oil, a symbol, a mere created thing but with the Holy Spirit, descending like a dove from Heaven.  God declared, "This!  This is the guy!  The one I said would come all the way back in Genesis 3 and every odd symbol and task i gave you pointed to.  The kinsman redeemer that Job saw and waited for.  The salvation that the people have hungered for since the beginning.  This is the Way.  This is the Truth.  This is the Life you have been knowing deep down you should have had.  Not a circumstance, not a change in fortunes but a man!  A king!  A priest!  A prophet!  God with us!  Not the same old religion. Not the same death dealing attempts at self-justification; working your way to heaven, earning a piece, but something entirely new!  A substitute!  His righteousness for your sinfulness.  This is the guy!  The guy with the ox-like strength and servant's heart.  The true sacrifice for your sins.  This is the guy....

Listen to him."

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