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Thursday, February 13, 2014

a tale of two trades

Show us your work and establish ours.  Our work should be a continuation or your work.  The children with plastic rakes "helping" dad with the leaves.  Or more appropriate as the storm named, "Peace" buries us today: the children with little mini-shovels "helping" dad clear the driveway.

For me it is about contentment.  i don't want to shovel the driveway!  i want to sit inside by the fire and draw stories and write about them.  And i could whine eloquent about how this is work and work that is undervalued by society, whilst the eminently temporary work i do as a carpenter, making people's private Eden's nicer looking is all anyone thinks i'm good for.  But i would sound no more righteous than the Israelites complaining about a lack of water, complaining about the manna, complaining about Moses, complaining about Aaron, complaining about the giants in the land.  The fact is, God is God and i am not and if he chooses to support me through back pain and scarred knuckles and lonely days of mindless drudgery then he has his reasons and the sooner i learn to praise him for his goodness and love of a man he has no reason to care for or about, the better off i'll be.

So Lord, show me your work!  Show me what you do and have done and how It. Is. Finished!

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