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Friday, November 15, 2013

Psalm 52

Lest ye think i be this great artist or at least a better artist than i am, lemme set ye straight.
Once i found the verse i wanted, i googled olive trees.
There were all sorts of pictures of cool, old, gnarly trees in deserts, vineyards and such but i knew the verse said i was in the house of the Lord so i kept looking till i found this...
That was cool for framing the shot.  So i based it on that but that little tree didn't really appear to be flourishing so i used something more like this for the tree itself...
And there you have it.  i want folk to know so no one things i'm this great concept artist.  i stand on the backs of others who have gone before.  They are probably standing on the backs of others too but i don't know.  It had to start somewhere.  Probably in a garden ;)

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