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Sunday, November 24, 2013

For your consideration

For those who like such things, i'm working on a story.  It's got illustrations, y'know, cuz some kids like just looking at the pictures.  But it's also got words cuz i like words.  i'll be posting my roughs over at the blog formerly known as "the Deep."  Now it's called the King of the Cockroaches.  i think. i may change that but for now, it's the working title.  Drop by, tell me what you think.  Oh, and keep in mind that it's a blog, if you just start reading from the top of the page, you're entering the middle of the story.  Might make more sense if you scroll down and start at the post titled, "Phinehas and the has-nots." Then again, it might not make more sense then either.  Making sense hasn't really been my strong suit of late.

Meanwhile the Post Office will be back on Monday.  And i hope to get to some inspirational/encouraging stuff as soon as God inspires me. ;)  Meanwhile, just go read Song of Solomon 4.  And then Hosea 3.  The one shows how God sees us, sees you, sees his church, his bride.  The other reminds us what we, his bride, are really like.  Grace baby.  It's all grace.

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