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Friday, November 08, 2013

Pappy Fricken asks, Which would be best?

Which would be best?  Which would you prefer?

  • To know that you are lovable.
  • To know you are completely unlovable but wholly loved anyway.

No, the post-it has nothing to do with the question.  
But everything to do with the greatness of God.
He who puts desolations on the earth
will judge the earth

Psalm 50:
"The Supreme God, God, Yahweh, has spoken
and summoned the earth,
from the rising of the sun
to its setting.
From Zion, the perfection of beauty,
God shines forth.
Our God comes and he is not silent.
Before him fire devours,
and around him it is very tempestuous.
He summons the heavens above
and the earth that he might judge his people:
“Gather to me my loyal ones,
those who have made a covenant with me by sacrifice.”
And the heavens declare his righteousness,
because God himself is judge. Selah

It is not the worthy who need a sacrifice
But the unworthy.
Praise God, he provided the worthy substitute!

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