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Thursday, November 23, 2006


i'm thankful for...

  • Mynk and Happ Hazzard and Rascal
  • A couple of days to rest after my latest "vacation."
  • Fresh coffee.
  • For light at the end of tunnels.
  • For Al Gore, for inventing the internet and giving me an outlet for my various surges of creative energy.
  • For the ability and skills to work on this massive edifice of endless toil that is the station.
  • For football on thursday, especially since i missed it this weekend.
  • That my teenage son, so far, likes music that i like.
  • That my younger son is starting to come out of his shell a little.
  • That since i have not been freed of the need to continue in the construction trade, i have been given a truly excellent company to labor for.
  • For MnM's.
  • Legos.
  • And a good friend and long suffering family that understands or tolerates my addictions.
  • For those blessed moments, no matter how brief, no matter how few and far between when i know, deep down in every fibre of my being, i know that this is what i was created to do and i'm exactly where i need to be.
  • To God for getting me through the deserts between those moments.

There's plenty more that i will put into my prayers tonight but they don't really make good reading, not that this did but hey, you can, thankfully, skip it.

Toodles and happy Thanksgiving.


  1. you like legos, eh? take a look at what you can do with too much time on your hands ......

  2. and if you have EXCEEDINGLY too much time on your hands (and perhaps some insomnia and a complete lack of social life), you could do THIS ......