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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The retelling of the Post Office

So for those who don't know, these pictures are post-its i put in my son's sammich box that he takes to school.  My mom started the tradition by writing little notes on my lunches when i was a kid and i thought it was a pretty good idea so i kept it up.  A while ago i heard a preacher mention how Proverbs was originally a training manual of sorts for young laddies growing up.  i thought, yeah!  i'll illustrate Proverbs in the post-its.  When i made it through Proverbs i thought, well, why not continue right on through Psalms.  i love the Psalms, they keep me sane.

But when i finished the Psalms i was like, well, where to now?

The answer came from Rascal and i's evening reading.  i still read the Bible to Rascal at night before bed.  And we had been reading from 2 Sam and there's just weird stuff going on all the time in there!  Like the battle against Absolom.  It has a very Entish feel, i thought.  So that's what we're looking at here.  An oak yanking up Absolom by his hair and saying, "oh, i think we've all had quite enough of you, young would-be king."

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