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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Hold da phone!

So, i know what you were thinking, "hey!  What happened to Psalm 146?"  Cuz i was thinking the same thing.  Okay.  No one was thinking that but me but humor me, okay?

What happened was i had gotten clever and combined two different verses on Ps 146 and all i saw on the wall where i stick these after the Ballyhoo Gang bring them home in their lunchboxes was "Rom 3."

It wasn't until today when i grabbed then last batch to scan that i noticed the second verse.  And that's how that happens kids.  Mystery solved.  We can now go about our lives.  And what's more, we know Yahweh loves us who believe in his servant, his suffering Son whom he loves.  Ebbyding gonna be alright, dis mohnin'.

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