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Friday, June 20, 2014

Yahweh is not a fluffy bunny.

God is love.  Jesus modeled that love perfectly.  Grace is amazing!  And so it is easy to think of God in these new agey, sensitive male terms.  Blow dried Jesus.  Jesus doesn't judge me, man.  Jesus is my homey.  He loves me the way i am.  Meeting Jesus is going to be like, you know, hanging out in this comfy little cottage in the woods and he's gonna tell me all about my life and we'll sip cocoa together and the room will be filled with singing fuzzy little bunnies and kittens and wallabies and we'll pet them and laugh at all the people who had it wrong and those self-righteous jerks and i'll tell Jesus, "man, i really didn't like those guys."  And he'll say, "me too."  And it'll be cool.


Only problem with that is Yahweh is not the God-of-your-understanding.  That's you making up a god.  Yahweh describes himself.  He names himself in Exodus 34.  Jesus says he is I AM seven times in the gospel of John.  Revelations shows a much different image of Jesus coming in chapter 19.  He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  So that means the same God who made fluffy bunnies, destroyed them in the flood.  He gave the law to Moses, the law which has the wicked beaten before the eyes of those they wounded.  That alone should give us pause.  Ever wounded anyone?  Ever been wounded?  He is the God who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.  When he says time's up.  It's up.  When he goes to settle accounts, there will be no scales but His.  He is the one who's presence is so frightening that even when he comes shrouded in clouds of glory and partially hidden, we fall on our faces and have to be told not to fear.

And that is what is so amazing about it!  Your grandma loved you, probably.  There are few delinquent grandmas out there but in my experience, they are the exception that proves the rule.  Grandma loves you and that's nice.  But unless your Grandma was Grünhilde the Terrible, Valkyrie of Vengeance, her love isn't all that impressive.

But God... God is impressive!  When the Alpha and the Omega, the Creator God, the King of the Universe and Judge of all mankind draws you before himself, reads your list of crimes, and then sets his crown aside, comes down off the throne, off the judgment seat and lays down before you and your accusers and takes your stripes for you... that is love!  When the list of sins against you are read and the perpetrators are brought before you and you see justice done for them or to them as well by God's own hand, when God shows you how he took every slight, negligence and grievous crime against you as if it was done to Him personally... that is love!  When the King Himself, the Great I AM, calls you his precious child and puts his name on you and wipes away all your tears and lifts you up and sets you on his throne with him.... that is love!

God's love would not be the same without God's greatness, glory and justice!  God's love is frightening!  Don't believe me?  Look at the cross!  Look at your God, bloody and disfigured beyond all recognition!  For you!  That is love!

i don't think any of that would be the same if it came from a fluffy, blow-dried bunny singing songs from Frozen.

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