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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Who dat?

Revelations one makes it clear who Jesus is.  He is God.  He is the ruler of all the earth, ruler over all the kings of the earth.  He is our great high priest who needs no covering for his head like Aaron did.  His hair is pure white.  Not to signify age but to signify his holiness, his righteousness before God Almighty.  He is standing amidst the lampstands.  The Spirits of the churches.  He is among his people and holds their very spirit in his hand.  His word is good.  His word is truth for he is truth.  The whole truth and nothing but the truth.  All things live to serve him.  All things draw their life from him.  He holds the keys to death and hell.  Even the devils must obey him.  All those who drew breath will see him.  Those who mock him and disobey him and disavow him will see him and weep and not be able to resist him nor deny him any longer.  He is God!  And he is coming!

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