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Monday, December 23, 2013

And the walls came down.

Full Bum of them???
A Christmas thought.

If someone is just a person you have to buy a gift for... don't.  You aren't actually giving them anything.   Your fulfilling a social contract.  Gifts are about love.  Social contracts are duties you pay so people will think well of you or so you can think well of you.  To justify yourself as a good person.

Jesus did not fulfill a social contract when he lived the life you could never live.  Jesus was not worried about what you would think of him if he didn't die for you.  He was thinking of the Glory of his Father.  He was thinking of how much he and his Father wanted to save his children.  He was thinking of you.  He didn't count the cost.  He didn't worry about what you might get him in return or whether or not you deserved it.  He wasn't trying to buy your affections.  He was thinking you would go to hell if he didn't.  He was thinking he wanted you, right beside him, on his throne, forever.  The Father gave His best.  The Son just gave.  Everything.

And just like any time someone goes all out for you and gets you something you could never repay and they had no business spending the time or resources on, all you can give in return is your humble gratitude.  Merry Christmas!

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