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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Faith behind the lines.

This morning i was in the throne room of God Almighty.  Now i'm shouldering the debris of my life out of the way to find enough room to sit down.

This morning i was leading God's children in songs of praise.  Now i'm a refugee fleeing the television's blare.

This morning i knew my place, i had a home, i fit.  Now i'm stranger in a strange land.

This morning i knew my hope.  Now i'm staring down the barrel of another week and wondering how i'll make it through.

This morning i was in a family of believers.  Now doubters and mockers will be my constant companions.

This morning my purpose was clear.  Now doubt even creeps into me.

This morning the world made sense.  Now it's dark.

Belief isn't the problem.  Living the belief is.


  1. Feeling rather morose this evening Shane?

  2. i was finding it hard to say what i wanted to say. Which was...

    There are moments where it is all so clear that you think you could never lose this feeling, and then you walk back out into, for lack of something better to call it for the moment, the "real world", all mtv analogies probably fit, and you do lose it. You plug right back into the lie.

    i'll write more later.