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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A bit o' Spring cleaning.

Whilst work and wabbits weigh heavily on my time. i dare not ignore the frickens out here in the coop. They keep droppin' eggs-istential nonsense whether i collect it or no. Place is beginning to look like a family garage. i bet if i dig deep enough i'll find a thought from when i was five. Tis time to draw out the tried and true industrial strength grief-blower of my strife strewn soul....

the bullet list:
  • Pride goest before the fall. It also goest before getting involved in inane internet arguments with folk who you knew even before the pride got involved would never listen.
  • The guys who wrote the Bible knew what they were talking about. Or they had no idea but the Spirit that guided them did.
  • We spend thousands of dollars on insurance for our lives which give thousands of dollars to other people after we're dead. But for the most part, give no thought to what happens to US after we're dead.
  • We are one day closer to the end of the world and Jesus coming back no matter when that day is.
  • i have never been so ready for it and yet so afraid it will come and leave my loved one's behind as i am now.
  • i really wish becoming a new creation was a quicker process. i'm really bored of asking forgiveness for the same old sins.
  • All of these bullet points sound like ideas for the Rabbit Trails to me.... i may need counseling.
  • Even that last one.
  • In the Praise category, i have found a church again! Now if i could just worship without thinking and analyzing the singing....
  • It's a shame more and more people find believing in the devil as the Bible describes him difficult. The world just makes so much more sense if you do.
  • i love my wife. She looks really cute putting together legos. ;)
  • The more time i spend honing my writing and art, the more i loathe going to my other job.
  • i really hope that someday i get persecuted for following Christ instead of just because i'm a jerk.
Nuff fer now.


  1. If your inane internet argument is the one I saw, I think you were completely in the right. I thought about defending you but didn't want to get drawn into it. And then I thought that I should and then I thought that maybe wouldn't like it and then I thought I'd just ignore it and pretend I hadn't seen it. I'm not sure which respnose you would have liked: you could still tell me now.

    Your wife puts together legos? Man, I wish my spouse would be as interested.

  2. oh it probably was the one you guess is he made my point more abundantly clear himself than i ever could have. So no worries, i try not to let myself get riled up on the pooter, too much of that on here in my opinion anyhow. Just a moment of weakness on my part.

    My wife does not put legos together, two years ago i bought her the duplo set with a little zookeeper that looks just like her and two little polar bears which happen to be her favorite animal. It sat in the box until a few nights ago when i conned her into finally putting it together. She was a sport but it's just not her thing. She sees taxes and numbers in her head, not spacial reasoning. :) Good thing too, if artists ran the world, we'd all be broke and wondering why we're so hungry.