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Friday, July 02, 2010

The Fricken Blues

(This took several days to thump out. Think i could have gone on writing this forever. For y'all's sake, i stopped;)

Oh, Jeremiah Fricken was a sad, sad chicken,
there was no one sadder than he.
He was bluer than the sky before a storm in July
He was lower than a worm's left knee.

No, no one could lament like old Jerry would vent
he was the king of melancholy.
There was just one hitch in this chicken's dark pitch
He had no cause for his malady.

He was married to a hen that was the envy of men
All over the vicinity.
Who thought she was no prize (but she was in his eyes;
Just cause she tried so hard to be.)

They had two fricks of their own, one big, one just half grown
they were proud of quite naturally
There were never two roosters ever more true, sir
Than ol' Jerry's fine, young pro-di-geny.

The Coop that they lived in wasn't that grand but then
It had spare room for company
So they shared it with a duck who was down on his luck
And his bevy of fair chick-a-dees.

Though his friends numbered few, in his heart Jerry knew
They were of a breed most trustworthy
And he could count on them all to come if he called
In blessing or adversity.

He worked hard for his money, gave it to his honey
And had enough for necessity
But what he could never find was a job that worked his mind
spirit and soul with vitality

All he does is survive, only one-eighth alive
dying incrementally
Trading in his health for a paltry sum of wealth
hoping someday to be free

Y'see Jeremiah Fricken is a praying chicken
to the God of Mystery
And he knows that he is loved by his Father up above
So he can wait for something he can't see.

But while Jerry waits for Him he's been growing kind of grim
patience ain't his speciality
and the tunnel he's going through has a light, that much is true
it's the gap before the next one he can see.

But he'll keep slogging on until this life is gone
With a heap of grace and charity
Then once he stops a kickin', Ole Jeremiah Fricken
Will find peace in eternity.


  1. sandeeee8/7/10

    love it shane!!! please do a part 2! :)

  2. Now Jeremiah Chicken, he ain't the only frickin'
    person with depravity;
    but they know they have a home where God's kids will one day roam
    and enjoy being God's children, free!

  3. Well now, to write the blues part two ain't an easy thing to do
    Cuz we're caught up on Jerry's history
    But if there's any news i'll certainly addend the fricken blues
    till then we'll just have to wait and see