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Monday, May 17, 2010

Leader or loner?

How does one lead?

Sometimes i know what i want to do, but i don't have any compelling need to compel others to do it too. If you want to come, fine. If not. More for me. Sure, some experiences are better shared but only if those with whom it is shared want to be there. They come of their own free will. i also realize that in certain circumstances, certain folk need to be coerced into doing something good. i personally agonize over this. i don't like forcing people to do anything. i'd rather not have ye if ye don't wanna help. i've noticed a lot of other people don't seem to struggle with this. Many seem to have no problem telling me what to do or at least think they know better what i ought to be doing.

Looking at the big picture, i see there are some responsibilities i have to God, to my family and to my neighbor, but there really seems to be a lot of free ground in which to explore how best to do this. And what might work for me might not work for you or my neighbor. In fact, the discovery may just be part of the process. But i wouldn't throw a lot of what i do into the category of "redeeming creation for God." No. Most of it would have to go into the "keeping busy" file. i think that's what i'll print on the side of my trash can, "busy file." So how does one lead? How does one know that what one is heading for is so noble or true that others need to feel compelled to follow?

How does God lead? God took two perfect people. Put them in a perfect garden. Loved them perfectly and then .... gave them the choice to follow Him or follow their own path. Why? He could have left out the temptation. He could have locked out Lucifer. He chose not to. He chose to give us choices. God doesn't destroy the evil in the world until all we have to choose from are salad and bran muffins, Pat Boone and Sandy Patty, church and children's playgrounds with none of the really fun, injurious machines on them. He allows, tolerates all the wrong paths and just inserts one little, winding, slightly overgrown path and calls it good. Why?

Because that's the path that leads to Him... and He really want's us to choose it ourselves.

Dunno if i answered my question, but i know where i want to go now.


  1. Jaynie Baby17/5/10

    Sometimes Shane, there is an overwhelming loneliness in doing the "right thing". At this point in my life, I feel the same as you...if you don't wanna help, then don't help but man oh BUDDY leave me alone while I do what I need to do!! I am personally tired of "nay sayers". If God puts something on one's heart to do, then one is compelled...are they not!? I find myself agonizing (as you do) with folks who need coercion to just plain do what is RIGHT or good for their family, or friends, or their fellow man for Pete's sake!!
    I appreciated what you said about God's path and the choice He gives us! The fact is, God's neverending love and salvation...everything about God's relationship with us is SIMPLE!!!! We humans are the ones who complicate everything. He loves us and wants us to love Him back! He wants us to communicate with Him. He wants us to be in tune with Him. If we ask Him to forgive us for the same stupid, moronic thing we have done for the thousandth time..He FORGIVES us AND He FORGETS it! WE are the ones who won't forgive ourselves for our mistakes!! We are the ones who don't allow ourselves to forget If we would just unclench our fists (balled up in anger, or stress, or fear) and OPEN our hands for His blessings...our lives would be so much richer and easier to deal with.
    Soooooo, I think I am rambling now! :) (and I don't even have a fever) All I know is that the world is a richer place because people like you still exist! People who care, about God and their fellow man. I have been struggling today with my attitude..because I am weary (in body and spirit). I know 100% that the battle I am fighting for little KJ is worth it! It's worth it, but today was a day when I allowed the discouragement that the enemy uses against us to seep in. And then...I read this post "Leader or loner" and I was encouraged once again to keep fighting for what is right! Thank you Cuz!! :) Much love and respect to you!

  2. Carry on my Wayward Cuz. There's actually a peace we can know now, eh? Though maybe not from the naysayers ;)