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Sunday, July 26, 2009

When did i grow a beard???

i've been staring at the computer or "nothing box" (Mark Gungor, look him up, it's worth it.) as i will henceforth call it, for so long that when i looked up, everything around me was so bright and clear that i thought it was fake. That's what happens when you join facebook. You sign up one night in a moment of weakness, just curious to see what it's all about and two years later you wake up in a cesspool of your own filth sloshing around the sweats you now live in and clinging to your two hundred extra pounds you've put on by eating every snack food, condiment and end table in your house while you answered comments, looked at photos, posted photos, tagged photos, commented on photos, scrolled through lists looking for people you didn't really know but remember the names of to friend-request, confirm friend requests, do research on folks you don't remember but are friend-requesting you, answer chat balloons that pop up while you're checking your inbox, your wall, your profile, your homepage, your friend's homepage, wall, profile, all the while wondering what a HUG is, what Farmville is, why your friends are milking cows on it, why it needs to be able to see your friendlist, your profile, your bank account, your friends bank accounts and your closet all while trying to figure out how to poke, post and publish the minutia of your life and worrying over how much detail is too much and how much is too little.

Whatever happened to the good ol' days when there was nothing to do on the interwebs but surf for smut?


  1. I have to say I was incredibly amused by your assessment of Facebook. The 3rd sentence is great; I am especially impressed that it’s not an run-on

  2. Thanks, we aim to please here at the Coop.

  3. Kimberly28/7/09

    HA HA HA You crack me up cousin!!! Long time no see/hear/speak...etc. I finally got your blog from family... it's awesome! I have to agree with you... FB can become your life if you're not careful... I too am an addict... LOL

  4. Well, i can quit it anytime i like. No, really. i don't need it. i'm just making myself late for work because of it... not eating, ignoring bodily functions...

  5. Anonymous30/7/09

    This is great Shane. I am on Facebook also and decided to not do the Farmville/town thing because it just took up to much time.

  6. LOL - Well said!