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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jumping the tracks.

Twenty-five minutes before work won't leave much time for a connected train of thought.  So we'll just derail the puppy and sift the wreckage...
  • Eating out is getting to be a bad habit.  Time to pull out the crockpot.
  • Planning meals, now that i think about it, was a very time consuming process.  One that ate even more into my writing time.  Lessee, eat well as constipated writer or write well with triple bypass, these are my choices.
  • Hey, lookit that!  Two cars that were connected.
  • Recently, i tried to reopen lines of communication with some folk.  Worked for as long as i wrote them.  When i stopped, they stopped.  Draw your own conclusions.
  • i bleeding hate stink bugs!  Chitinous little nightmares sent to cloud my mind.
  • Had four days off: Day one: Prepare for Party, Day two: Prepare for Party, Day three: Party, Day four: sleep off effects of days one through three.  
  • We're getting old, almost said odd, not sure that wouldn't have been correct too.  Anyway, today's signpost of time's inevitability:  our parties consistently end before ten o'clock now and everyone's able to drive home.
  • It's raining.  Again.  I have nothing but outside work.  Again.
  • My eldest is apparently unable to self motivate at school.  Dangling carrots, breaking the rod over his back, looks like i have to do something.  But and this is a problem i seem to be facing all over the place these days, how do you help someone change their own character flaws?  Shield them from the consequences, yeah, i've seen that done.  Not usually to the subject's moral improvement.  But actually change them?
  • Mynk's birthday was this weekend.  i'm pretty darn sure that everything else going on stomped that.  i'm also pretty darn sure that was my fault.
  • My family has a history of not doing birthdays well.
  • Not doing birthday's well...
  • Freaking stink bugs are flipping scourge!!!!
  • indicative of a larger, more serious problem, i think.
  • Time's up.

1 comment:

  1. Loved your rabbit hole but take issue with "Third degree losing"...

    Learning from Third degree is what can make us great. It is the essence of "it is not weather you win or lose it is how you played the game" That has morphed into not having winners and losers... that is wrong. It means that if you are doing what is right and lose that is ok (hey jesus would likes that too). It also means if you do it right and lose you still can look at how you can do it better... how can you keep from being "cheated" next time. Always find the lesson, always find the way to improve and you can NEVER be cheated fully. Any team that loses on a bad call made another mistake that could have won the game. The best teams focus on correcting the mistakes not focusing on the bad call... wisdom to understand what one can and cannot control and focusing on what you can control sounds like a good prayer... PANZER out.